How to Play Sudoku and Its Benefits?

Sudoku was first featured in a Japanese magazine in the eighties. It can also be referred to as sudoku. It is a game that comprises of a 9 by 9 grid in which the boxes are 3 by 3. However, grids may vary and some may be 4 by 4 or 8 by 8. In the 4 by 4, the grid has to be filled in with letters zero to nine and letters A to F. The five-grid is referred to as the Samurai Sudoku. Sudoku puzzle is played by filling numbers from one to nine in each of the column and row. The entire blank squares must be filled with the correct numbers. In the grid, there are always numbers that have already been filled for you.

Before you start playing the game, you have to check the rows and columns to see what numbers are missing there. You can do this by the process of elimination. You must make sure that you check the numbers one to nine. This means that each column contains all the digits from one to nine, not necessarily in any order. The rows must also contain the number one to nine and the three by three subsection of the square must include the same digits of one to nine.

You can do this by penciling in the numbers that you think will fit there until you get the correct numbers. Filling of numbers narrows down the numbers that are supposed to be filled in the remaining boxes.

This game can also be played online. It is much easier if you are having internet connection. All you need to do is look for those sites that are offering sudoku online. Those who are scared of math problems should know that it does not involve any high level calculations.

This game helps to challenge your mind through the use of numbers and logic. The brain is forced to work and therefore also improves a player’s memory. This game is also believed to help in the prevention of Alhezeimer disease. This is because the process of playing it has some therapeutic patterns.

A child who is introduced in this game at an early stage will learn fast on how to think logically. The child’s brain will also develop because he normally starts with a simple game with a few clues and moves to the more complex ones, as he continues learning.

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